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Scroll down to view articles featuring Happy Space Organised by Lisa, packed with information about the huge benefits of a decluttered and organised home.

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Ideal Home - June 2024

7 simple tricks for organising a messy desk

"Lisa Coe professional organiser, advises 'Set aside a few minutes at the end of the day to clear your desktop and put everything back in its place, so your desk will be a calm and welcoming space the following day.’

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Woman & Home - February 2024

Hoarder vs minimalist

"Don't see eye to eye with your partner about decluttering? Lisa Coe, professional home organiser and founder of Happy Space Organised by Lisa, is here to help."

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Woman's Weekly - February 2024

The Big Clear Out

"Top tips for a brilliantly organised home from decluttering expert Lisa Coe'' 

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Woman & Home - February 2024

Experts reveal 5 essential tips for keeping counters clear in a small kitchen

Professional home organiser Lisa Coe says, "I always recommend that my clients take a few minutes each evening to clear their counters of anything that doesn't belong on them, to avoid a build-up of clutter."

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Woman & Home - March 2023

How to get motivated to declutter: 12 expert tips to help you to get started

"An organised home can make all the difference to the way you feel, as decluttering not only makes your home look and feel more inviting but has also been shown to promote well-being and reduce stress and anxiety," says Lisa Coe founder of Happy Space Organised by Lisa.

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Woman & Home - January 2023

How to declutter a bedroom in a day, according to organisation experts

“In terms of well-being, your bedroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in your house, says Lisa Coe from Happy Space Organised by Lisa. “A cluttered bedroom can therefore really impact your mood and even the quality of your sleep."

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